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November 20, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Sunday

  1. Last night, while talking with Wes, I went to give him the thumbs up for something I can't recall now. When I extended my thumb something inside slipped or popped or somehow got askew and I yelped in pain. I woke up on and off all night from the discomfort. Today still very sore. I haven't been able to knit and I am sad.
  2. I decided to get a little cooking done. I started a big pot of cioppino by chopping a large onion. I probably should not have worn mascara on my lower lashes today.
  3. While the cioppino was simmering I also made a puree of broccoli and cauliflower and some salmon onigiri (just cooked salmon and rice for the kids). They were looking really great until I dropped the mold on them. These two still look cute.
  4. I thought I was beginning to develop a really mean looking bruise on my injured hand until I realized that I had swatched some dark blue eye shadow while walking through Nordstrom earlier today.
  5. I am still obsessed with makeup. This week I got some Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner. It's very easy to apply, unlike liquid liner which I really struggle with, and it stays put all day. No sliding down my face or fading through the day. I also really like these Dream Mousse blush and bronzers. They are a fluffy cream-to-powder formula that is pretty much fool-proof to apply. They give a subtle sheen of color with the tiniest bit of sparkle. Ulta has them on clearance for $3.50 so I have three colors now.
  6. My Carnaby skirt is about 65% done. It's killing me not being able to work on it today.


Anonymous said...

I love that you call sampling eye shadow "swatching." A knitter through and through!

Thanks for the tip on the gel eye liner. Everything smudges on me. Except when I seal it with Benefit She-Laq, which has been discontinued. Will try yours!

Susanna in Seattle said...

Do you know about Paula Begoun? If not, go to www.beautypedia.com for hours of entertainment.

I've totally changed my skin care routine and now spend cents instead of dollars and I never buy makeup without checking with her first.