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November 14, 2011

Why, Hello There

I have a child with a sloppy cold at home from school today which means I am home for the day which means I finally got to take some photos despite the gray, gray, GRAY sky here in Seattle. I have to admit the two things holding up my blogging lately are not having photos and sheer laziness. Like today I took a bunch of photos of things but you won't see my progress on my Cornflower Shawl or my latest pair of socks because they are upstairs and I am downstairs. You do the math.

I can show you a few things though. Last week I went to my retreat at Fort Worden*. This is a retreat where there are no classes or scheduled anything other than meals. You can spend your time as you choose. Many participants go shopping in Port Townsend, walk along the beach, walk to town for coffee. I sit on my butt and knit. The whole time. I also usually spin but this year despite bringing my Hansen Mini-Spinner and my current spinning project I never brought any of it out of my room. I knit on Cornflower. I knit a few Hexapuffs. And I--gasp--crocheted! Allow me to explain.

In January, we are going on a cruise with Weezer.

Many cruises have theme nights. This cruise will have an 80s Prom night (which will be less funny for those of us who were old enough to attend a prom in the 80s). It will also have an Ugly Sweater night. Weezer sings The Sweater Song. Get it?

I am taking this challenge seriously. I intend to make the ugliest sweater the world has ever known. Given that I have been studying ugly sweaters for nearly seven years I need to turn it out. So I gathered every strange, ugly, fluffy, furry yarn that lurked deep in my stash and I began to crochet. Why crochet? Because using a giant hook it goes faster than knitting. When I got to the retreat I was offered my pick from an entire box of novelty yarns. Then I let my friends pick which yarns I should add next. It's really coming along but I don't want to spoil the surprise. So here's just a tease of what's in store.

Just before the retreat I decided I really wanted to knit the Carnaby skirt and that I wanted a tweedy yarn. The very first thing I found in the stash sale (one of the best parts of the retreat) was a bag of about 6-7 skeins of Tahki Designer Homespun Tweeds in a great shade of purple. Sold! I would have cast on on the spot but I didn't have any needles. I did start it right away when I got home and it's an addicting knit. So easy and fun to watch all those little wedges of skirt grow.

I bought several other great yarns like this bag of Koigu.

This stunning handspun by Sandi Soreng.

Color changing yarns like this cotton.

And this surprisingly matching shade of Kauni.

Oh yeah, and some Fleece Artist.

So I left for the retreat with a giant shopping back to sell or give away and I came home with two shopping bags full of yarn! Okay, I better get back to work.

* This retreat has been a super secret, you need to know the secret handshake type of affair for years. After 20-something years they have realized that some new blood will be a good thing. If you would like to get on the mailing list for the it please email me with your name and address and I can pass it on to the retreat coordinator.


pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

That sounds like a tempting retreat. Another "wish I could" but the dance card is full for right now.

Anyway, I was wondering if you had given any thought to your ugly sweater being a part of performance art? If you left a strand hanging out that would be ravelable, so you could be walking away while someone pulled...it wouldn't work in the round because you'd have to twirl as it raveled, but if you had some kind of flat portion that you could ravel...and some video!

Have fun on your cruise.

MarthaH said...

My husband and I went on another Sixthman cruise a couple years ago - Cayamo. Next to our honeymoon in France, it was the best vacation ever! There was a knitting group onboard, too. However, I must say that between the fab music and great drinks, I didn't get as much knitting done as I expected. I am sure you will have a blast!

Anonymous said...

I was having a bad mommy day where the kids wouldn't stop screaming and I thought I would tear my hair out and when things finally calmed down I was feeling overwhelmed and then I saw that you had a new post up and it really made me feel better. Especially the ugly sweater and the Weezer Cruise video. Thank you for turning my night around.

A long time reader.

Chelsea said...

YAY sixthman! Have been on two BNL cruises with them, and it's SO FUN. So so so fun.