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December 4, 2011

To Photo or Not to Photo

I finished Carnaby over a week ago but haven't taken any photos yet. I can't decide how to "style" it yet. I bought tights in two colors. I don't feel like I have the right shoes/boots for it. There's nothing to be done for the footwear though. I have really wide feet and zero tolerance for shoes that are not completely comfortable which makes finding shoes that I like nearly impossible. In the meantime I've been knitting a Rib and Cable sock by Nancy Bush, a slouchy, faux-cabled hat, some handwarmers and my Cornflower shawl.

Wes is out singing in a concert tonight and I was making oven barbecued ribs for dinner for the kids and me. In the midst of my whisking around the kitchen I dropped, no, not dropped, flung, a glass dish of tomato sauce across one quarter of the kitchen. Amazingly the glass dish did not break but a large section of the kitchen was dripping in tomato sauce. I stood there for a moment and thought, "Should I take a picture of this before I clean it up?" But before I could make a decision the dogs swooped in to assist with clean up. I'm sure dried patches of tomato will be discovered for decades to come.


Florence said...

Can't wait to see what you have made.

Dogs are so helpful for cleaning up messes.

Your story reminds me of something that happened when I was a child. It's a long post so I'm going to put in on my blog. Please come and read it, it wasn't amusing when it happened but we laughted about it in later years.

Randi said...

There was an incident with a can of root beer shortly after we moved into our apartment. You'd be surprised how far soda can shoot. I think I just cleaned the last of it off the wall about 6 months ago, and we've been here 5 years. Good luck with the tomato sauce.

Red said...

Ooh, always looking for shoes for wide feet. What do you wear?

I made a Carnaby too in linen for summer wear but will be making one in wool for my sister. It'd be good to provide some styling ideas for her too.


June said...

My uncle defeated the safety mechanism of a pressure cooker (sometime in the 70s, I believe), and he said he was peeling food (noodles?) off of his ceiling.

In one of the Curious George remake books (not the original series), he spatters frosting all over the kitchen and invites the neighborhood dogs to clean up. After surveying my kitchen floor after a single family meal, I often wish I had dogs.

Sharon said...

I love my canine cleanup crew. Your story reminded me of when my dogs got sprayed by a skunk years ago and I tried the tomato paste destinkifying process. They were like "oh cool, you're putting delicious food all over us" and just eating it off.

Hope to see your Carnaby soon!

ErikaC said...

Skirts always look great with boots. Have you tried the Keen boots? They are fabulous. Keen's run a little wide and they're super comfy!