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February 11, 2012

Book Review: Extra Yarn

I was sent a review copy of Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett. I've been sent books before to review but I never liked any of them and chose not to share them with my readers. This book I am happy to share.

Extra Yarn is a children's picture book that tells the story of a girl named Annabelle, who lives in a muddy-colored world, and her discovery of a box of colorful yarn. She uses the yarn to knit a sweater and finds when she is done that there is still extra yarn in the box. No matter how much Annabelle knits there is always extra yarn in her box. (Every knitter's dream!) She proceeds to bring color and happiness to her town with her knitting with her seemingly endless box of yarn.

The story and illustrations are delightful. There's an evil archduke, adorable animals and lots of knitting. I love that Annabelle is a young girl who knows her own mind. She is kind and will not be swayed by other people. She changes the world around her for the better with creativity. It's a lovely, funny and magical story and I think any knitter would enjoy reading and sharing it with a child.

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