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March 31, 2012

Margot, But Not Margot

I don't know how but last Thursday's post vanished. I'm puzzled. Anyway, I've been busy lately. I went to Port Townsend last weekend for our second annual Purlygirl knitting retreat. I wanted to bring something simple to work on. No charts. So I grabbed the Margot-inspired sweater in Noro Retro and was able to get lots done on it. It was perfect retreat knitting. Just going around and around and around.

I've changed the pattern quite a lot. My gauge is much larger, my body is longer, my edging is shorter, I am knitting it in stripes. I think it would be better to say at this point that my sweater is inspired by Margot. I have a few major quibbles with the original pattern so had to rip out the neck and rework it yesterday. My first issue is the pattern has you use the same needle for stockinette and garter stitch. Garter is wider than stockinette so I always go down several needle sizes when I'm edging stockinette in garter. The second issue is there is no back neck shaping. The front and back are the same height. You can see in one of the Knitty photos that the sweater is too high in the front and pooches out at the neckline. So I added short rows just in the collar section (I'm knitting mine in stripes so short rows were going to be really obvious in the body). Now I'm on the sleeves and I don't have a ton of yarn left. I'll be lucky if I can get these to my elbows. It's just going to be a game of "how long can I make these so I don't run out of yarn on one sleeve?" from here.

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