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May 1, 2012

Hat Knitting Continues Apace

I have one thumbless Narwhal Mitten knit. I have a tiny section of Cria's shoulders knit. I have the ribbing for one Effervesce. But I'm knitting tons and tons of hats. I just keep grabbing any random bit of yarn within arm's length, casting on and knitting. It's not interesting for blogging at all but it's very soothing to me who is in the middle of Birthday Month* crossed with Anniversary Sale times LYS Tour. Reading patterns--and following them correctly--is more than my frazzled brain can handle right now.

Now I will go knit one of the three hats I have the needles currently...

Younger Son: April 10
Me: April 21
Wes: May 4
Older Son: May 16

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