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June 9, 2012

A Busy, Yucky Week

Oh friends, what a busy, yucky, annoying week I've had.

Sunday: I knew it was a bad sign when I spent all of my Mad Men viewing time (Did you see it?! Oh my God.)ripping out several inches of Cria. I had missed one set of increases and it had to be done. But I've already been feeling utterly defeated by the pace of my knitting and this was another kick in the shins. I've made steady progress on it all week and now have about 35 more rows to go on the body. The sleeves are short so thank goodness for that.

Monday: Work and Purlygirls. We had a nice group including some new people. It was great.

Tuesday: I got stuck late at work because a co-worker forgot she was supposed to cover for someone else. Wes had been planning on feeding the kids before I got home anyway then taking Older Son to an information night for his new high school. Yes, I will have a high schooler in September. It is unbelievable. I come into the house and find that Younger Son has not been fed and head straight to the kitchen. I step in a huge puddle of water which is streaming out of the dishwasher. I assume something is blocked and shut it while cursing and laying down towels. Then I use the bathroom. Something about the way the toilet flushed made me feel that something was wrong. I walked out of the bathroom in time to hear a huge sputtering, gurgling sound coming from the kitchen sink. Of course, our sewer line is backed up. Lots of frantic texting back and forth with Wes and I put in a call to Roto-Rooter. We spend a night and morning using as little water as possible and not flushing the toilets. Ew.

Wednesday: Work, where there are toilets that flush. Roto-Rooter comes and informs Wes that the problem is a lot larger than just clearing out the sewer line. They spend the day digging an enormous pit in our front yard and collecting a heart-stopping sum of money. I skip the Knitters Guild meeting to collapse at home where toilets can now be flushed but there is still a giant hole in the yard.

Thursday: There is still a giant hole. I go to work. I race home from work early and pick up Younger Son from after-school care. Older Son is home and dressed for his big, final orchestra concert of middle school in which he is one of two graduating students performing a solo with the full orchestra. But first I have to take Younger Son to an ice cream social for his new middle school. Then we head to the concert, already in progress. Older Son performs beautifully and the kids in his orchestra perform an extra piece that they have practiced on their own time as a thank you gift to their amazingly wonderful teacher. She has been at the school for two years, her first two years of teaching, and is now losing her job to be replaced by a more tenured staff member in the Seattle school district. It's a terrible loss for the school and the kids are all very disappointed so there were speeches and gifts and the concert ran extremely late.

Friday: There is still a giant hole and the Roto-Rooter guys are supposed to come back to fill it. I meet with a friend for coffee. Yay! I do a little mindless shopping and errand-running. Yay! Wes, who worked from home waiting for the the Roto-Rooter guys, offers to pick up Younger Son from school. Yay! The Roto-Rooter guys don't come. I take a huge nap. We have a quick dinner then all go see Moonrise Kingdom together. If you like Wes Anderson you will like this film. If you dislike Wes Anderson you will hate this film. I happen to love Wes Anderson and found this vintage-steeped, fairy tale of youth, rebellion and young love completely and utterly charming, hilarious and beautiful. Though the film is tremendously stylized, like most of Wes Anderson's work, there was an emotional truth that really touched me. The kids both enjoyed it a lot too. The film is PG-13 but I don't think kids under 12, unless they are emotionally precocious, will get into it.

Saturday: Giant hole, who know when it will be fixed/filled. Wes was busy all day. I ran the kids to music lessons, did a bunch of laundry and dusting (killer day, right?) then took another giant nap. I have gotten into a vicious cycle now of staying up really late then napping because I'm tired then staying up late because I've napped. I need to pull myself together.

So there you go. My busy, yucky but ultimately really boring week.

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