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June 14, 2012

Thursdays are for What the Hell is This?

Anyone who has ever spent any small amount of time with a baby or toddler knows one thing. Babies hate shoes. They hate socks even more. Their little-life's work is to contort, kick and grab until those suckers come off. Bonus points if the foot-covering slips off when the caretaker isn't looking and gets lost forever. Is there a parent who hasn't come home with a kid missing a shoe? I doubt it.

So why, oh why, would anyone want to make these.

How many people does it take to hold down the wriggling baby to then thread that little cord around the baby's second toe? Three? Four? My heart-rate is elevated just imagining the struggle.

I thought, "What a ridiculous and unnecessary object! What could be more useless?" Then Ravelry gave me the answer. The adult version decorated with soda can tabs, of course! That couldn't be the most unsightly and potentially dangerous foot decoration out there but it's close.

It does serve as a good summer reminder to make sure your Tetanus vaccine is up to date.

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