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June 27, 2012

TNNA 2012

As always, I had an amazing five days of meeting people, seeing friends, buying yarn, etc. Mango Moon had a contest this year. They gave out 100 pedometers and offered a prize to the person who logged the most steps during the show. I wasn't concerned about winning but we really curious to see just how much walking I did during the show.

22534 steps. That's from 10 AM on Saturday until about 1 PM on Monday. That's about 12 miles, I think. Oh, and I won. By 5000 steps. I really do get around.

I can't share photos of what I saw but I will tell you what I thought was great in no particular order.
  • The Sincere Sheep. My favorite vendor from the last Sock Summit, Sincere Sheep offers interesting and unusual base yarns naturally dyed in gorgeous colors.
  • Sweet Georgia. I've been reading Felicia's blog for years. I remember someone bringing a skein of her yarn to Purlygirls maybe 6 years ago and coveting it. Her bases look luscious, her colors are deep and vibrant, and her booth display was top-notch.
  • Blue Sky Alpacas Royal Petites. These sumptuous little nibbles of yarn are delightfully packaged and are supported by a line of faux-vintage patterns. Each one has an illustration of a smashing 50s-era stylista sporting hand-knit accessories. The patterns all use only 1-2 skeins of this delicious little yarn. (Their other new yarn, Metalico, is also drop-dead gorgeous. You have to touch it to understand how amazing it is.)
  • Schacht. This Colorado-based loom and spinning wheel company partnered with about 20 yarn companies and created a unique display for each of their booths featuring their yarns woven on a 10" Cricket Loom. The displays were beautiful and the amount of work was staggering. Plus it was like an Easter egg hunt at the show. I looked through every booth to see if they had a loom with their yarn on it. Schacht also has a new 15" Cricket loom which I may just need to get for myself...

There was so much more but those are a few off the top of my head!

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