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July 16, 2012

Okay, Erin, I'll Play Along

My podcast-mate, Erin, has been on a bit of an organizing kick lately. Yesterday she blogged about reorganizing her entire stash. My office has been disheveled and over-stuffed for too long. I keep saying I will clear it out and reorganize...but you know how that goes. Our knitting group is planning a stash sale/yarn donation in two weeks. So no more time to stall. I began with Step One. I took out all my stash.

I'm now fighting a strong urge to just stuff it all back in there and forget about it for another year or so.

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byneedleandthread said...

I suggest setting the kitchen timer for maybe 20 mins and see what you can do in that time. Then try 20 more that day or the next. I find if I break daunting tasks into chunks, I tend to feel less overwhelmed. Good luck.