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September 13, 2012

I Am Kicking Single Skein September's Ass

Dudes, I am so kicking ass on this. Which is good because otherwise it's September that's kicking my ass. I made it into work today and then came home after an hour and 45 minutes. Still really sick and spaced out and cruddy feeling. But that's made for lots of sitting in front of the computer only sort-of watching season 8 of Grey's Anatomy while remembering why I stopped watching the show.

So far this month I've made a series of really boring hats. Then Vancouver Fog and the Kumara Diamond Cap.

Then I knocked off Carrie.

These are really sweet, simple little twisted stitch mitts. This is 100% angora handspun made by me a few years ago. It's completely the wrong yarn for the pattern which would show up much better in something smooth and tightly twisted but they are really soft and warm.

Next up was Amstel Hat. It's from the current issue of IK. I can't remember the last time I knit something from a current magazine issue. The yarn is Rambouillet I dyed in a class with Judith MacKenzie in 2007 like the Kumara Diamond Cap.

I combined the leftovers of both of those hats into an Ocean Breezes.

I bought this pattern in Portland a year and a half ago and amazingly I was able to find it in my disaster of an office in under a minute. A new world record I think.

Now I still have leftovers in both colors of Rambouillet and the Imperial Stock Columbia so I'm combining them for a Vortex. I'm on fire!

Anyone else doing Single Skein September? Stashbusting? Generally kicking ass?

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byneedleandthread said...

Great knits! The rule is that you only have to clean if it takes more than 2 minutes to find something. So you're disaster is still acceptable.