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October 24, 2012

The Deadline Looms

I have one week to finish my Bohus tam. Okay, the Seattle Knitters Guild fashion show isn't until November 7 but I leave in one week for my annual Fort Worden retreat and I need to get this sucker done before I go. It seems to not want to be knit. Carol, SKG President, emailed me last week. She is knitting the same tam and her chart went missing. I scanned mine and sent her a copy. I brought my knitting to Purlygirls on Monday night, pulled it out of my bag and let loose a very enthusiastic, lengthy string of expletives. My pattern was gone. I went home assuming I'd find it in the scanner or next to my computer or somewhere in my house. I had no luck. Thankfully I had the scan I made for Carol and she kindly scanned and sent me the written instructions for the tam. I set out to get a whole mess of knitting done last night. After three-ish hours I had completed maybe four rounds on the tam. I have set aside tonight to leave the house and all distractions behind and knit my little heart out while listening to This American Life. The deadline looms and I do not want to fail.

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