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November 8, 2012

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

Today's theme is "Ruffles Where There Should Be No Ruffles." Full disclosure: I'm not a very ruffle-y person. I rarely look at a knitted item and think, "You know what this needs? Ruffles!" However if you are going to place ruffles on something there should be a purpose. Form follows function. Ruffles are like the highlighter pen of the knitting world. You don't want to emphasize just anything.

This sweater has an awful lot going on. Lace, ribbing, peplum, waist tie and then...ruffles that skim down the fullest part of the bust? No to mention creating an 80s padded shoulder effect that would do Joan Collins proud. Though the model is doing her best to cover all this up you can see this in action here.

And then...

What were they thinking? Vertical ruffles, horizontal ruffles, acres of ruffles! Ruffles around the waist--just where you want some extra width and volume, am I right, ladies? And little ruffled tufts running down the front of the skirt. I'm pretty sure no one wants tufts of yarn sprouting from her groin. This dress needs to see a waxer stat.

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