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November 21, 2013

Thursday Is for What the Hell Is This?

I was walking through Walgreen's and was stopped dead in my tracks by this image. 

Whoa Nelly. That is a whole lot of wool.
Then I realized that this was a visual for a Hunger Games inspired makeup collection and this was supposed to represent District 8, Textiles. I know the Hunger Games is a worldwide phenomenon but makeup representing all the oppressed districts based on their industry and the whole "sexy oppressed worker" look seems a little off to me. Katniss describes District 8 as "an urban place stinking of industrial fumes with no greenery, the people housed in run down tenements, barely a blade of grass in sight." This look doesn't really convey that, does it? Plus this image is just the start to the wool madness. Check out the videos to see that this is actually a terrible hat plus 

Of course, this campaign is slightly less misguided than the Subway sandwich campaign. You know, sandwiches as a promotion for a movie about a world where children fight to the death in an effort to keep their families fed. Totally in excellent taste, Subway.

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Spindrift said...

Deja vu! Check out your February 21, 2013 wtht post.