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January 27, 2013

Still Spinning

I'm still in the spin-zone. I spun up some samples from my retreat.

We have Ashland Bay Cashmere/ Silk spun with a forward draw allowing the twist into the web slightly.

This is a Romedale cross plied with a dyed Targhee.

This is the same Romdedale X this time plied with a dyed "potluck" roving.

None of these have been washed and set yet. Because I'm really busy trying to get to the bottom of this.

This is a Corriedale fleece that I dyed and started spinning in 2009! It has been my main spinning project since then. I spun a few bobbins on my Lendrum just before I got my miniSpinner then switched to the MS for the rest of the spinning and these few skeins I plied. I just transferred the singles back onto Lendrum bobbins this week because they fit perfectly on the large quill for my MS turning the quill into the best bobbin-winder EVER. I have just a few ounces left to spin and then I will be plying for days on end--if not weeks.

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