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March 30, 2013

Sometimes I Don't Knit

The other night I got tired of my knitting. Maybe I didn't like the chair I was sitting in but I felt possessed to jump up, go into my office, rummage around and find some jewelry-making supplies. I bought beads to make this wrapped cord bracelet nearly a year ago and I finally made my bracelet. Fortunately neon is still a thing so it doesn't look too dated. Yet. I used the instructions from Fusion Beads. I mixed the colors randomly and tried to go light on the neon pink.

Materials: Leather cord, .008 Fireline, 4mm Alexandrite beads, 4mm Smoky Topaz beads, 4mm Hot Pink Lumine Round Czech Pressed Glass Beads all from Fusion Beads and tagua button from The Fiber Gallery.

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