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June 1, 2013

The State of Things

I had a massive photo session with my knitting bag so I can finally get my projects up to date. In no particular order this is where my projects stand.

  1. Retro Prep. I've been working on this for a month. I finished the entire sweater and had the steeek prepared to cut when I decided that the bottom ribbing as written in the pattern was just not deep enough. I unpicked the bottom of the crochet I used for the steek and cut a stitch above the ribbing and unpicked a round and got everything back on the needles. I reworked the crochet at the bottom of the steek. I've now set this aside so I can cut my steek at Purlygirls on Monday since a few people expressed interest in seeing it done.
  2. Little green tube that became a baby vest. This little guy has been sitting around for ages waiting to have its steeks tidied up and a button added.
  3. Zombie Vixen. Started these a while back and stopped after the first few rows of the pattern because there are no charts. I haven't decided if I want to go to the trouble of charting them out myself and I definitely don't want to move ahead on the project without charts.
  4. Bulky Skullcap with Big Button. I crocheted this in under an hour last night with a leftover ball of handspun. I just need to weave in the ends and find a button for it.
  5. Little woven squares. I bought a Zoom Loom (small pin loom from Schacht that we carry at the shop) a few weeks ago. It's really addictive. I've been weaving all my little bits of handspun that are too small to knit anything with into these little squares. I have no idea what I'll do with them all. Probably sew them into a blanket or a bag or...something.
  6. Mariam's Bootees. Another handspun project. I finished these booties just a few minutes ago using every last bit of a ball of handspun from 2006. I just need to sew up the bottoms and weave in the ends.
  7. Squish hat. This is a plain hat knit in a sample hand-dyed fingering yarn from a defunct company. It's been my movie knitting. 
  8. Happypotamus. I started crocheting this guy at the Purlygirls retreat in the beginning of May and haven't touched it since.  Putting the pieces together is a bit fiddly and stresses me out but the results are really cute.
So that's the state of things right now. I should hopefully have a bunch of these finished in the next few days.

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