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January 22, 2014

The Office Cure

I've been very loosely following the Apartment Therapy January Cure. I do what I can when I can but I'm not stressing myself out about not doing everything or doing things completely and perfectly. In short, it's been great. It wasn't part of the Cure but I knew that my office needed a massive overhaul. In my mind it was the linchpin to our whole home organization.

Basically, I collect stuff. I've always been a stuff collector. The stuff changes over time but I tend to be constantly bringing things home. I'm not so good about getting rid of stuff. When I have a lot of stuff I stuff the stuff in my office. When my office gets too stuffed with stuff it overflows into the dining room, my bedroom, everywhere! In order to put things away I had to start by pulling everything out.

Sunday: My dining room is under there.

I started with cleaning out the office--vacuuming, rehanging the curtains, dusting, wiping down all the surfaces, cleaning out all the drawers of my desk. Slowly I started to put things back.

Monday: Slowly digging out.

Tuesday: Ahhhhh. After I took this photo I put away all the yarn piled on the chair at the end of the table.

Wednesday: The office. Far from perfect. There's a box of things to sell/donate and a box to shred. I've ordered more magazine holders too. Please note, before I shelved the book alphabetically I made sure they were all in my Ravelry library. Now I can search for patterns on Ravelry and actually find them on the shelf!

I know for a normal, sane person my office is still an overloaded mess. But I'm going for better, not perfect.

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