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March 10, 2014

Another Weekend, Another Scarf

A long time ago I swapped a skein of yarn with the owner of Mountain Colors. She sent me a huge pile of Bearfoot mill ends. At the time I was knitting a Baby Surprise Jacket in mill ends and thought I'd use the yarn for more baby sweaters. But she sent me so much I thought I'd make an Adult Surprise instead. But the colors...well, they just weren't me and there were a lot of them. So the yarn sat in my stash. I've toyed with knitting a blanket too but this weekend I just knew I wanted to weave with it.

I tried to snap a few photos along the way with my phone as I started my project. I pulled out four mini skeins. 

I alternated two color for the warp. First putting one in every other slot.

Then going through adding the second color.

I also alternated skeins for the weft. Using one that was more blue for two picks then one that was more red. I added in new skeins as I ran out without fussing too much about the shifting colors.

Altogether I used 150 grams or 1.5 skeins of Bearfoot. The finished size before washing and without the fringe is 7.5" x 80". And I still have enough yarn for three more scarves!

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