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December 6, 2014

Game Knitting to Oregon


Way back in October when I went to Imperial Stock we did some "game knitting" on the bus on our way there and back. We had a list of triggers, things we'd see as we drove. When we spotted one, we'd shout it out then do an action in our knitting.

I chose to cast on about 200 stitches in some crazy, candy cane, barber pole handspun and knit in 2x2 rib. My action was to travel 2 knit stitches, usually to the left but sometimes not (dependiing on my mood and what was already going on in my knitting). About 2 hours into our trip I realized I had twisted my cast on. Oh well. it was now a moebius (actually not a true moebius, a twisted cast on results in a full twist in your knitting and not the half-twist that creates a true moebius). I continued knitting, shouting out when we passed orange cars, crossed bridges and spotted cows. 

At some point I realized that I had put down my knitting, picked it back up and began knitting in the wrong direction. I'm supposed to be a pretty good knitter, right? Oh man. It was an easy mistake to make since I was trying not to look at my knitting since that makes me motion sick and my knitting was all irregular ribbing which made the inside and outside of the cowl look pretty much the same. So I carried on, it's now a fully reversible cowl. Yeah, that's it.

I cast off the last stitch just minutes before arriving back in Seattle. I thought the cowl would be a humorous souvenir of the trip but it's actually a fantastic cowl to wear. I can double it up and wear it snug against my neck without feeling choked. I wear it as a loop. I can even pull it down over my shoulders. Love this thing!

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