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January 28, 2015

It Doesn't Take Much

The new Doubleknit podcast knitalong is a Stash Declutter. That was enough prompting to get me to cast on a new hat. 


This is my standard worsted-weight recipe. I cast on 88 sts (or something like that) on a smaller needle, knit ribbing, switch to a bigger needle and knit until the hat is about 7". I hold it against my hand for this. If it reaches from the base of my palm just past my fingertips I'm ready to start decreasing. On 88 sts I do 8 decrease "wedges," so k9, k2tog around, etc. 

I have a little of the green left so I started a new X-ing X's that will have a contrast color band. If you knit an X-ing X's please add it to Ravelry so I can see your hat!

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