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January 5, 2015

Stash-Diving Decision-Making

A very kind podcast listener sent me the Quicksilver pattern as a gift on Ravelry over the weekend. I've been knitting again on my Song of the Sea over the last few days but I've also been itching to start something new. And not another sweater!

I had also been contemplating my stash this weekend and thinking, as most knitters do, "I have got to do something with all this sock yarn." With that thought in mind I feel that my Quicksilver must be knit from yarn I already own. I did a little sifting this morning and came up with two color combinations.


For this I'm thinking of using the grey/black with the blue/green (bottom right) for the stripe and the bright teal (it's SUPER bright in person) for the mesh lace.

For this combo I feel it could go any way. Right two color stripes with bright, light blue for the mesh. Or the two brightest blues striped and the bottom right for the mesh. Or the bottom right with the lighter blue for stripes...you see what I mean.

I'm leaning toward the more subdued top combination. Any opinions?

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