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February 25, 2015

Busting the Fiber Stash Too

My obsession for using up all my little bits has extended to my spinning fiber. I used up the final bits of superfine merino and plied it with some corriedale cross that I bought about a decade ago. I spun the singles softly and  on the thicker side and then slightly over-plied them. The spinning went so fast!


I've also been clearing out any bits left on bobbins. Just grabbing two or three and plying them together. These skeinlets are only 15-20 yards each. Most of the singles have been on bobbins for so long I don't even know what they are.


This is a 2-ply light fingering weight from left over singles from my first fleece. I used most of the singles to make a 3-ply and knit Linney last year. There's about 225 yards.


I still have a tiny bit of this corriedale on a bobbin but other than that all my storage bobbins are empty! Now I need to decide what to spin next. And what to make with all this yarn. 

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