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April 5, 2015

Dye Day Results

Yesterday's dye day was very productive and I'm happy with most of the results. I brought yarns that I got at my November retreat. I chose them because they were yarns I love in colors I hate for ridiculous prices.
These side by side photos aren't the greatest. The "before" shots were taken indoors at night just to get a reference photo into my Ravelry stash. The first four were all thrown into the same dyepot with Jacquard Burgundy dye. I think I also added a little black? I'm a pretty loosey-goosey dyer. I just throw things into the pot until I like it. I also don't have much experience with these dyes.

First up, a skein of Rowan Polar in a color I haven't enjoyed since the mid-eighties.


Next is Tahki Baby in the most vile, vivid Pepto pink (not as hot as the before photo suggests).


These are Bouton D'Or Ksar. I love this yarn. It's 50/50 wool/camel. I loathe the original rusty red color.

This is a mystery merino/cashmere blend. The yarn ended up in the middle of the pot and did not take up much dye. I think this will get another dye job.

These last two skeins are Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky. I got the two skeins for $4! The mustard yellow is possibly my least favorite color in the world. I overdyed with Black, Emerald and a smidge of Chartreuse. I absolutely love it now.


Do you have old skeins in colors you now hate? Throw them in some dye. You've got nothing to lose.

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