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May 15, 2015

Game Knitting

 I finished my game knitting. I started this hat to watch the new Avengers movie. In game knitting you have "triggers" and you choose what you'll do when you hit one of your triggers. I choose to purl five stitches.

My trigger moments were when...
  1. Stark quips.
  2. Banner turns into Hulk.  
  3. Blatant product placement.
  4. Black Widow chides the “boys.” 
  5.  Captain America or Thor misses a cultural reference (didn’t happen).
  6. Hawkeye is lame.
  7. Maria Hill appears via video conference.
  8. Nick Fury appears. 
  9. Agents Carter or Coulson are mentioned.
When the movie was over I was only halfway through my hat. I made up some triggers for watching Wolf Hall instead but kept it simple. I worked five purls whenever anyone said Anne or Henry or when Anne or Henry were in a scene.

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