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June 12, 2015

Bear Sweater Duet

The Seattle Knitters Guild is knitting teddy bear sweaters for Camp Erin again this year. I didn't participate last year because I was working on other charity knits and there was a devoted fleet of knitters churning out knits for bears at the Guild. This year there haven't been nearly enough bear items knit and I decided to pitch in. I already gave you a look at a hat that I turned into a tiny bottom-up raglan. And I knit a simple bear sweater in Berocco Quasar that I completely forgot to photograph before handing in.

I knit another one in Manos Maxima which I did photograph.


And then I started another one at knitting on Monday but I didn't have any markers with me to mark the raglan increases. Instead I fudged my way through a top-down yoke sweater with roughly the same proportions in the same yarn.


Next I'm thinking maybe one with helix stripes...

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