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February 10, 2016

Leftovers and Foolproof

I have been knitting and knitting and knitting on my Leftovers Cowl. I'm worried I might run out of sock yarn scraps before it's 54-56" long (my preferred length for a thick cowl). That sound crazy, right? What knitter of my tenure could run out of sock yarn scraps? It's not that I will simply have no more scraps. It's that the scraps I have are all annoyingly the same. You know, I like what I like. I have no shortage of blue-green and green-blue scraps but they don't show off colorwork when knit together. The biggest pops of color in the cowl so far come from leftovers that friends have passed on to me. Friends with entirely different taste in color than mine. It's currently about 30" long. But now I'm setting it aside because tomorrow I head to Madrona!

Colorwork, or any kind of charted knitting, is not great at Madrona. While some knitters really try to display their prowess in the projects--and FOs--they bring, I like to work on something stupidly simple. I'm chatting with friends, I'm on the go, I have to time for charts! So instead I'm bringing Foolproof, by Louise Zass-Bangham. I'm knitting it in two skeins of handspun. One is some Shetland-Merino from Sporfarm that I believe I bought five years ago at Oregon Flock and Fiber and some Ashland Bay Merino-Silk(?) I got as a birthday gift from Jeanne ten(!) years ago.

Maybe this year I'll remember to take a picture or two.

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