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December 17, 2003

Another FFO!

Another freakin' thing finished! Woohoo! My Hello Kitty punk rock back pack is complete. I borrowed a friend's sewing machine to finish it and broke it. How? How is it possible??? Fortunately, DH helped me straighten it out. I never quite got the tension right but at least I was able to sew up the lining and the zipper. I pinned the opening shut over the zipper and gave it a little steaming. When I unpin it tomorrow I'll snap some beauty shots.

I'm chugging along on the beaded cuffs too. I was working on them at Barnes & Noble today while my three year old read all the Dora books, then all the Blue's Clues books, then all the Dora books, then Blue's Clues, then played with the trains. A saleswoman walked by me and said, "Oh, you finished your socks." I guess I spend a little too much time knitting at B & N.

I also ran out to my LYS to get my needles for Rosedale and the gloves I started last night.