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January 13, 2004

Banffy Got Back

Come on. Sing it with me!

I like big sweaters and I can not lie, you other knitters can't deny...

As you can see Banff is still moving along nicely. I have about 7-8 inches of the front done now too.

I'm also playing around a little bit with overdyeing some other yarn. I got nine skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Top. It's 50% wool, 50% cotton. I don't think they make it anymore. I have been reading about how cotton won't take dyes like Kool Aid or Wilton dyes and that a blended yarn could end up with a striated effect. I did a little test. I tried out yellow and green and was able to get nice strong colors. The next step will be to try to do a whole skein. I think I would like to do a rainbow-hand painted kind of thing and use it to make Bpt.