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January 14, 2004

Rainy Wednesday

I'm still plugging along on Banff. I just started the decreases on the front so it looks pretty much like this photo I took of the back a few days ago.

I got an order today from Elann that I placed on Sunday. The other store that will remain nameless sent me a shipping notification for the yarn I ordered on the 2nd. I should be receiving it by the 19th! What? I would also like to say that the order from Elann was packed beautifully as was my order from Yarnware. Big thumbs up to both places.

So this will be Elle. And this will be a striped top-down raglan from Glampyre.

I met with the Stitch 'n Bitch Seattle group tonight. We met at a new funky, kitschy cafe and collectibles shop. They don't have their license for food sales yet so for dinner I ate a miniature pecan pie from a vending machine. Megan from not martha was there too. She has just launched her new business site: the organized knitter. She makes beautiful needle cases in very cool fabrics. Check them out.

Okay, back to Banff.