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January 21, 2004

Holy (Bucket-o) Chic!

Here is what I did all day while stuck at home with two sick boys.

There's not much to say except, "That is one big ass hat."

This was loads of fun to knit. It was fast, fast, fast. I really wanted to make the original stockinette brim version. After knitting it and seeing that it just rolled up tighter than a Cuban cigar I decided that trying to flatten it would be an exercise in masochism. Instead I did a modified version that I found on Emma's blog. I purled the last two rows of the brim and bound off purlwise. Then I steamed the heck out of it. The photo is pre-steaming. I will felt it in a few days when I get my mitered-square tote ready. I got the rest of my Kureyon today and am just casting on.