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January 20, 2004

Talk to the Hand

Today I took all my I-can't-finish-Banff-until-I-get-more-Manos angst and turned it toward a project that has been pretty neglected since I began my sweater-making frenzy. I completed this.

It's my first glove. I managed to snug up the gaps between the fingers fairly well. I also followed Lisa's advice and picked up four stitches instead of one for the thumb. No hole at all. All in all , it's not a quality piece of workmanship. My gauge is all crazy on the cuff. I switched needles and the rest is fine but a better knitter would have ripped it out and started again.

Gloves are so easy. They look so intimidating but it's really just knitting a little tube with five other little tubes. Very little shaping, no rows to count. Just knit til it fits. Fun.

My BOC is also coming along nicely. I will finish the band tonight.

Jenna, the creator of the lovely Banff pattern, confirmed for me that there is a mistake in the sleeve instructions. Later today she wrote to me,
... and now, those two errant numbers have been corrected in the sleeve directions in Banff. When you view the pattern on the Knitty site, they're pink.
So what do you know. I'm not crazy! All you Banff-along-ers go and get yourself the updated sleeve instructions.