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January 8, 2004

Lay Off the Kureyon!

In the last few days I've read blog after blog and post after post of people complaining about Kureyon.
"It's too scratchy."
"Too many knots."
"Too thick and thin."
If I could only knit with Kureyon for the rest of my life I would get bored but I'd still have a lot of fun. I've made two Booga bags, a kid's hat and a sweater so far. I just bought some more to make the Felted Mitered-Square Tote. So everyone can just send all their Kureyon to me because I love the stuff.

Also I would like to include a little public service message. Everywhere I go people pronounce the name of this yarn as "Curry-on." It's "koo-rey-yon." It's Japanese for "crayon." It's just a transliteration.

Say it with me. Kureyon. Isn't that better?

I made a lots of progress on my glove today. I can't whip out a pair a day like Lisa at Blogdogblog. A search of her blog will turn up the most stunning array of gloves, one after the other! Amazing. My glove is an inelegant creature with uneven tension and gaping holes between the fingers. It's my first so I'm still pleased as punch with my progress. I've been picking up two stitches between the fingers as written in the pattern but I'm getting huge holes. I think for the index finger I will try picking up four stitches then decreasing in the next row. Any good glove pointers (no pun intended) out there? I glanced at the Interweaves article but since my glove pattern is from an Interweaves publication the instructions are pretty much identical.

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