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January 6, 2004


I got lots of Lamb's Pride Worsted as a gift from a friend who is a lapsed knitter. It's kind of an 80s salmon pink color. I made my first attempt at overdyeing using Wilton cake decorating colors and the microwave and this is the result.

It's not a radical transformation but it changed the yarn from salmon, which I hate, to mauve, which I love, so I'm pleased. I'm going to use this for my first Bucket-O-Chic. I seem to be the only knitter in blogland who doesn't have a closet full of these hats. It's time to get with the program!

I also made a teeny-weeny bit of progress on my first glove today.

I'd like to join the Banff-along. I've spent quite a bit of time online today looking for a suitable yarn that doesn't break the bank. I've just made several big yarn purchases so I need something a little more humble for Banff. The best I came up with so far is Paton's Upcountry. The colors aren't terribly inspiring. I need to get to my LYS. I wanted to go today but we had so much snow. It's a rare, rare thing in Seattle and the hills are absolutely treacherous with snow and ice. It was basically a snow day for the whole city.