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January 10, 2004

Manos from Heaven

I am in love. There it is. My true love.

We had a brief sun break and I was able to get a picture that better captures the great color of this yarn. It is soft, fluffy and light as a cloud.

There were a few questions in yesterday's comments. I bought the yarn at my LYS. There are two in the area that have a fairly good selection. I'm using size 10 needles and got 14 sts/in for on my gauge swatch. I've just finished the ribbed portion of the back. At this rate I'll be done in the next week or so.

A helpful hint: Don't knit gloves while you're distracted. I tried to knit a bit while my kids played on the playground after school. When I looked down at my work I saw that I had knit a freakishly long middle finger. I'll be ripping that back a bit tomorrow.