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February 22, 2004

Hawaiian Details

Well, crud. I typed up a whole thing all about my trip. Then the computer ate it.
Okay, I'll sum it all up.

Sunday: Left Seattle 7 am. Arrive in Kona 3 pm. Kids fairly well behaved throughout. Get to hotel (complete dump). Oldest son barfs on sofa. Go swimming. See sea turtles. Try to find a restaurant for dinner and end up at Subway.

Monday: Check out of hotel--we were going to stay two nights but it's just too gross. Go to tide pools at National Energy Lab. See spinner dolphins. Children frolic (mostly naked) in tide pools. Go to Waikoloa Hilton. See captive dolphins, eat expensive food, swim, ride tram. Drive two hours to Hilo in pouring rain.

Tuesday: Twiddle thumbs in Hilo (home of in-laws).

Wednesday: More twiddling.

Thursday: Drive back to Waikoloa (weather lovely this time). Check in at Waikoloa Marriott. Go to pool with kids. Swim all day. Take a long watch on the beach. Get too much sun. In-laws meet us. Sleep terribly because both boys want to share a bed with me. They kick. A lot.

Friday: Big hotel buffet breakfast, swimming, back to the Hilton (I watch for whales while husband swims with children). Back to hotel for more swimming (kids like swimming). Shower, pack, go to big hotel buffet dinner (quantity, not quality). Say goodbye to children and go to airport. Red-eye to LAX. Leave Kona at 10 pm, arrive LA at 5 am.

Saturday: 7 am flight to Seattle (alone). Go grocery shopping (alone). Watch tv (alone) and knit afghan squares.

Sunday: Direct film series. We showed Kitchen Stories. Audience loved it. Tonight at midnight I pick up husband and kids from airport.

That's it. I hate the heat. I think the big island is dull. I hate being with my in-laws. I would have had a better time and spent a lot less money at home. Oh my god, I'm so tired.