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February 22, 2004

The Queen of Passive Aggression

I have a knitting related anecdote about my visit to my in-laws that I will share with you. My mother-in-law is the Queen of Passive Aggression. Really.

My father-in-law had a heart attack in October. He was in a coma for several days. My husband and his family spent a lot of time sitting around the hospital (it's the same hospital where my mother-in-law works). I knew my mother-in-law used to knit. I thought she might enjoy the diversion of having something to do, as I do during stressful times. I bought a Fiber Trends pattern for a simple shawl, some needles and beige Baby Cashmerino yarn. I don't like beige but she only wears beige. Beige clothes, beige furniture, beige car, beige purse...you get the idea. I send this stuff to her including a note saying if she's not interested in making the project she can send it back and I will knit it for her.

My husband and I agreed that the gift was most likely sitting untouched in her house somewhere. I thought I would try to knit the shawl for her during our visit. When I get there I ask about it. No, she hasn't touched it. No surprise. Would she like me to knit it for her? No, she's going to have a nurse at the hospital do it for her. Wow, score one for m-i-l. Not only won't she do it, she will deprive me of the pleasure of doing it. My husband thinks this is a tad cruel (though amusing) and decides to push it a little. "Mom, why don't you let Jess knit that shawl for you?" "Oh no, a nurse at the hospital is going to do it. She's a really good knitter."

Long live the Queen.