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February 14, 2004

Hip to Knit Squares

Boy, this afghan square thing is fun! Today I started a stripey square using Jo Sharp Desert Garden in four shades. I had to pack those needles (metal) in my bags so I cast on another square using Lamb's Pride Worsted and Cascade 220. I'm getting a lot of intarsia practice with these. I have all my yarn, needles and pattern for the GE cardi packed in my bag. I put Elle in my carry-on along with my straggler glove.

Today at a playdate my 5 year old knocked over a cup of coffee into my felted tote! Fortunately Elle, which was riding in the bag, was relatively unscathed. The tote seems fine. It smells a lot like coffee but it's not stained. I had to take out everything and wipe it all down. What a pain.

A friend came by for a little help with a Booga Bag. It's her first knitting project so she's needed some help along the way. Today I showed her how to bind off, cast on and make i-cord. I still need a lot of practice teaching knitting. I can do it but I'm not very adept yet at explaining it.

So we're off on vacation. See you next week!