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February 13, 2004

You've Heard of Crazy Quilt...

Meet Psycho Square.

Kay and Ann of Mason-Dixon Knitting have put out a call for 8 by 8 inch afghan squares. They will collect squares and have two sewing bees to assemble the squares into Afghans for Afghans. It's a great idea.

I got all fired up about doing something for charity, using up oddballs of yarn and taking a break from Elle (one, two, three, one, one, two, three, one, one, two, three, one...) that I immediately cast on and created this, er, creation. It's actually not as unattractive as I first feared. It's just a garter stitch square made from odds and ends of Kureyon and Lamb's Pride Worsted. I wanted to keep it quick and simple to give me a feeling of accomplishment. Kay and Ann will be collecting squares for the next six months so there's plenty of time for some fancy squares too.

[After looking at this post I saw what a terrible job I did of blocking my square. I have since gone back and straightened all the edges nicely.]

My Bottoms Up! BOC is turning out to be one tough customer. I have felted that sucker until my eyes crossed and it's still kind of big. I'm firing up the steamer right now to try to whip it into submission. If that doesn't work I will either have to a) grow out my hair and pile it on top of my head, as Mariko suggested or b) give it to someone with a bigger head. We'll see...

In other news, a friend of mine is off to Indiana for a family vacation. She's going to Threadbear! It's just not fair. I want to go too. As I have mentioned before in this blog, it's only a 38 hour trip by car. Road trip! (Actually I'd rather have my finger nails pulled out than drive all the way from the west coast back to the midwest. When we moved here from Chicago I had to do all the driving for three days. On the first night around ten o'clock between Moorhead, MN--no rooms available due to an antique car show--and Fargo, ND with the gas tank on empty I hit, and mostly likely killed, a small deer. Since the highway was unlit I couldn't really see the poor guy coming until it was too late. And once we pulled over we couldn't see anything. Probably the least fun I've ever had behind the wheel of a car so no road trip for me. Thank you.)

Speaking of preferring having my nails ripped out, we are leaving on Sunday to spend a week with my in-laws. On the plus side, they live in Hawaii. On the negative side, it is two plane rides totaling eight and a half hours in flight to get there. With two boys. Under six. And no portable DVD-player rentals. Light a candle for me.