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February 27, 2004

I Heart Google

Google rocks. I have the Google Toolbar on my desktop and use it at least ten times a day. When I'm surfing and want to know more about something I just Google it. It also has a pop-up blocker. Today I learned that you can add a Blogger button to your toolbar. It's under "Options." When you find a webpage you want to include in your blog just click on the Blogger button and it creates an entry for you! Neat, huh? Another great Google feature is Froogle. It's far from fool-proof but the idea is that it will search for the best price on an item on sale on the web. So when I'm looking for Rowan All Seasons Cotton I see that Yarn Market has it for $6.80 vs. $7.95 elsewhere.

I've been fiddling a bit with the blog. I wanted some lighter colors now that spring has sprung (here in Seattle at least). Megan of Not Martha gave me the java for the random project photos. Fun! I'm working on creating a page for each project with all the specs. I'm determined to learn photo shop to create a banner, buttons and other cool stuff.

I finished another afghan square. This one is stripes in Jo Sharp Desert Garden. I'll slap a photo up later. Right now I have to pry a three year old off my back and go get his brother from school.