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February 5, 2004

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I found a new use for some old unwanted items. Now that my children are both potty-trained I have all these old diaper wipe containers lying around.

Mouse over the picture to see the what's inside.

One of the carpenters found this Seattle Times from October 24, 1911 inside the wall of our house yesterday.

It's amazing. Sadly it's pretty much disintegrated. We will try to preserve it as best we can. There are ads for new 5-room bungalows for $2150. Only $750 for a 3-room cottage. There's a section for the social register and people seeking jobs. It's just fascinating.

Elle has begun. It doesn't look like much yet. The pattern is blissfully simple. I think even I can keep from screwing it up too much.

And since I promised, here is Banff on the blocking board.