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February 12, 2004

The Road to Elle

I won't show you a picture of Elle today. Just imagine yesterday's with about three more inches on it. So far today (knock wood) I haven't made any mistakes in the pattern. Last night after I posted, and just before bed, I got off pattern for a full round. Once I started the next round I saw what I did. I had to fix it then and there. So I took it up to bed with me, finished ripping it out, reknit some of it and went to sleep long after 1 AM.

I went to the yarn store today and returned some unused skeins of Kureyon #115. It pained me to part with it but I've already made a purse, tote, hat and sweater in that colorway. It's time to move on. I got some size 4 needles to make the Go-Everywhere-Go-With-Everything cardigan (from now on known as GE Cardigan) and the new Interweave Knits. I like several of the patterns. I am going to join the . (I got some Homespun at Jo-Ann's tonight for that.) I dove for the new Rowan and was pretty disappointed. There were a few nice patterns but it was all either "ho-hum" or "not in a million years!" And what's with all the crochet? Rowan and IK both have crochet sections. I suck at crochet. That's why I knit.

I'm sure eventually I will see some of those patterns in a different light and will absolutely crave them. I will wait for the craving.

Bonne Marie's version of Rowan's Moonlight certainly helped me see things differently. When I saw the pattern in Rowan I thought it was frumpy but functional. Bonne Marie's version is sassy and fun. Expand your thinking, Jessica!