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March 26, 2004

More Tank Clarifications

Lisa, a member of the Shapely Tank Knitalong, posted a question in the comments yesterday. She also fired off an email to Joan M-M, the very gracious designer. Once again, Joan came through like a bolt with assistance and clarifications.

Has anyone doing the shapley tank come to the part just after you bind off 4 rows for the armholes? I feel like a moron, but I just do not get the directions "bind off one stitch every other row on both sides"

Every other row? I am confused! If anyone has done this and can explain it to me I would be so grateful!! Just email me, thanks Lisa in Oregon

Joan very kindly answered my question. I understood it when she wrote:

"Perhaps it should read,

" Dec 1 st at each end of needle every other row X times.."

What you're doing is with the right side of the work facing you, decrease a stitch at the beginning of the row and then again at the end of the row. Now do your purl row with no decreases. The next right side row, you'll decrease at the beginning and end as before, and so on."

Thank you to Joan and Lisa.

There are some Shapelys shaping up out there. Caryn has made some progress in pink. Kristi has conquered short rows. Chris has cast on. There's more progress out there I'm sure. Let me know how you're doing.

And check me out! A mention on the Interweave site.