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March 28, 2004

There Shouldn't Be News

I should have been home cooking and cleaning all day to get ready for a house-warming party we're having tomorrow. Instead I went out with some s and went yarn shopping. We went to The Yarn Gallery in West Seattle. It was my first visit. They had a very interesting selection. They offer a lot of yarns that the other Seattle stores don't carry. They have some Plassard, Noro yarns I've never seen or heard of, loads of Colinette and tons of other great stuff. Unfortunately the place is terribly organized. In fact, it's not organized at all. There's no rhyme or reason so the only way to find something is to ask someone to show you where it is. And they kept telling me they didn't have the yarns I was looking for. Then twice I found them while looking for other things. I didn't get anything since I have yarn on the way to me from Ram Wools, Patternworks (two orders!) and an eBay seller.

After shopping we stopped for lunch then headed to Acorn Street for more yarn shopping! I picked up three balls of plain cotton yarn from the clearance shelf for afghan squares. They were only $.99 each.

I also thumbed through the most recent Knit 'N Style magazine. Can just ask, "What the hell are they thinking?"

This is "Artful Off Shoulder Elegance." What? And the design from the cover?
What the hell are they thinking?

I was looking at the Grammar Avengers' ring and found Knitting Goddess #9 with a link to this button maker. As Christina said, now I can have buttons just like every other blog out there. What the heck. It was fun.

Oh, go check out the sale at Patternworks. Hello, Koigu at 45% off! Manos at 40% off!