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March 11, 2004

Shapely Tank Update

The knitalong is growing. I'm so happy to have you all knitting along with me.

Amy had a question for the tank designer, Joan McGowan-Michael. She sent me Joan's response.

"This is from Joan in response to my email asking what size to make if my hips and chest are different sizes."

Amy, the short rows won't add extra width to the hips or to the bust. They add extra length to the interior of a fabric without changing the length of the side seams. That is what gives the U shape to the hem of the Shapely tank, and boob room with the bust short rows.

You must add more stitches if you want more width or the reverse if you want less.

In any event, the tank top won't come down below your high hip, so that is the measurement you need be concerned with. Take a tape measure and measure your hips at a point about 3 1/2-4" below your natural waist. I'm betting that will be smaller than your booty measurement, which most people think of when they think "hip".

Also, please remember that when choosing what size to make, the measurements on the Shapely pattern are the finished bust measurement. For example if your bust is 38" you would not make a 38" top unless you want it to be fairly snug. 40" would still be close fitting, and 42" would be a relaxed fit.

In direct response to your question, if you still find a huge discrepancy in the measurement of your high hip and bust, you'd be better off going with the bust measurement, and casting on more stitches at the bottom, decreasing them away at spaced intervals as you knit up toward the bust.

Please go ahead and share this info with the folks in your Knitalong, as I'm sure this question will show up more than once.

Joan M-M

Thank you so much to Joan and Amy for all this useful information.

A few people have asked if it's okay to make the Shapely Tee instead of the tank. Absolutely! I still might add sleeves to mine. I haven't decided. I can't wait to see all the yarn that you will be using. Keep us posted on your progress.