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March 12, 2004

I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere with the GE Cardi. I started the shaping on the back at last. You can see why I haven't posted a lot of pictures on this one. Nothing but brown stockinette as far as the eye can see.

The No-Sweats are coming along well too. I have just a few more inches left on the second leg.

I thought I would finish it last night but I got caught up with the cardi. And this.

Some friends should be having a new baby any day now. I gave them a hat that I made months ago--it was my first hat--but it kind of sucks. So I decided to make them a new one that would suck less. I hope.

I think Zasu would like a cat bed. By the way, she gives the No-Sweats (pictured here under her butt) a big thumbs up.