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March 2, 2004

So Much to Do

The last few days I've been feeling a little rudderless. I finished Elle. I didn't know what my next new project was going to be. Then I settled on the Shapely Tank pattern from White Lies Designs. I'm doing it because a) I need a spring/summer project. Making another bulky wool pullover doesn't seem practical right now. b) I want to learn the short row shaping technique for the bust. I'm a D cup and I think understanding this technique will help me with other patterns. c) It's free!

After making my pattern choice I spent two days in net-surfing hell trying to find the perfect yarn for next to nothing. I swear, it's like I think some day I'll find the website where they just give yarn away. Anyway, I was eyeing Classic Elite Miracle. I grope it whenever I see it and just love the colors. But then I saw that Classic Elite Premiere is similarly gropable but a Pima cotton/Tencel blend instead of alpaca/Tencel. It seemed more summery. I went to my LYS tonight and they had it. It feels wonderful. I found my very favorite shade of raspberry (#5299). I bought all I needed for the tank but only wound off one skein at the store. I just swatched it. I washed it and have it pinned to my board. I'll check the gauge again when it's dry but it looks like it should work. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow. It's so pretty and sooooooooooooooooooooft!

The No-Sweats are moving along. I've got about 22 inches done on the first leg. Great TV knitting. I've also managed to squeeze in some rows on the GE cardi--at the book store, on the playground. I'm about 35 rows into it and haven't fallen asleep while knitting it recently. I'm also trying to figure out bpt once again. As much as the pattern frustrated me I feel worse now for having just quit on it. I know I can knit it. I just need to understand it.

So I've gone from feeling like I had nothing to do to feeling like I have to much to do!