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March 1, 2004

Straight to Elle

Elle is complete! I was sitting here surfing and working a bit on my sweat pants when I felt a pang of guilt. I said I was going to finish Elle but I just hate sewing. "All right," I thought to myself, "let the cursing commence." (I probably curse more when sewing than anyone else ever.)

Step 1: Locate the sewing machine. I went straight to the closet with the shelf height set specifically to accommodate my sewing machine and stared into it, dazed and bewildered, before I remembered that my sewing machine was still in the attic.

Step 2: Set up the sewing machine.

Step 3: Attach straps. So far, so good.

Step 4: Pin in zipper. Zipper was too big. I trimmed it and tacked the end. Still good.

Step 5: Sew in zipper.
What? No mishaps, no dramas, no horrible mistakes. How can this be?

Step 6: Admire bag in amazement.

Thanks so much to Brooks for offering this great pattern!

I've written before that I've been helping a friend out with her first project, a Booga Bag. (Hi Eileen!) Well, we felted together on Friday night, her Booga and my Elle. Today she sent me a picture of her completed Booga. Her first knitting project ever. Ever!

Isn't it adorable? Don't tell her but it looks better than mine. Shhh...

Wes heard this great story on NPR today about a contest to create trailers for classic movies that change the genre. The winning entry was for The Sound of Music as a horror film. It's brilliant. You can listen to it here.