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March 17, 2004

Thank Goodness for Purlwise

It was an ugly scene last night. I had completed my short rows on my Shapely Tank. I was trying to pick up the wraps. Using this fabulous article from Knitty by the fabulous Bonne-Marie I felt like I had a handle on the whole short row thing. I hide the wraps on the knit side. I got to the purl side and could not work it out. I started losing the wraps and trying to pull it back together. I cursed, I frogged, I screamed. I was terribly unkind to my husband and cat. Then I found this. These wonderful illustrations at Purlwise of hiding the wraps on both the purl and knit sides saved me. I hide my wraps. I knit on. All was calm and happy again. Thank you, Purlwise!

Here's the little trouble-maker now.