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April 23, 2004

Quick Update

Boy, it's late.
A quick update on what's up with me.
Wednesday was my birthday. My best friend got me the new 1000 Sweaters book. It's cute and I like it but I wish it wasn't written entirely for dk weight yarn. Wes got me a blank journal and the promise of a new MP3 player. We'll see...
Yesterday I finished the front of Lottie/Hottie. Today I finished Sherbet Ripple #2 and knit six inches of the sleeves (knitting at the same time) for L/H.
Today I had my interview for the new yarn store. I think it went very well. Unfortunately the owner doesn't have a lot of hours to fill and has a lot of applicants. I'm hoping my very extensive retail experience (and winning personality) will get me the job.
Now to bed.